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A Few Words About Us (By Others)

Here are some of the reviews about us from Yelp and Citysearch.


    • kalila p.

    Garden Grove, CA


    -located in an all-vietnamese business plaza.

    After eyeing this place for SOOO long, I finally got the chance to stop in and have a lovely lunch!

    We ordered an order of Vegetable curry(YUM), Chicken Biryani,(Double YUM), and 2 orders of Garlic Naan bread.

    I don't even know where to start with telling you how good all the food was. The Chicken Biryani here was a little different then other places that Ive had before, but it was still delicious.The portion was very good for 2 people also.

    There is this "special sauce" that they served in a dispenser that you pour. It's white & looks like RANCH dressing. I had it before at other restaurants but this time I worked up the courage to ask the man what that sauce was. He told me the list of ingredients but said there wasn't really a name for it. I told him I really liked it and wanted to know because I wanted to go find it at the market. He told me they don't sell it elsewhere and to just come to him and he'll give it to me. lol.

    He ended up giving me a container for free to bring home. We always have a few packages of naan bread in our freezer and it just goes together PERFECTLY!

    I am so excited to go back to try their other items on the menu!

    Price reference: $22. (pretty good right?)

    As it states on their menu; "Walking distance to Orange County masjid."

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  • Al M.

Irvine, CA


This place rocks. I think if you are craving some authentic, spicy curry you have to give this a shot. The naan was a bit thick and not the best - But everything else was spot on! Best kadahi chicken and haleem I've had in awhile.

  • Ali A.

San Francisco, CA


Noorani is one of my favorite places for Pakistani food in Orange County. If you like spicy food, you should try their Chicken Karai, Haleem or Chicken Tika Masala with plain or garlic Naan.
For deserts, Gajar Halwa (carrot) is the best. It always reminds me of home because it tastes like the Gajar Halwa my mom used to make. Simply delightful.


  • Cara C.

Huntington Beach, CA


This place gets spice!  When I order something spicy, I really want it spicy.  But what's even better is that they also get that the food needs flavor along with the heat.  I find all of the dishes that I have had here to have very complex flavors and perfectly bold with what you expect from a good Indian restaurant.

It's decently priced and the meat (I usually get goat or lamb dishes) is very tender.  Yeah, service isn't too great, but the food sure makes up for it.  By far, my favorite Indian joint in the OC.  They don't try to Americanize their dishes like most places do.  I love it.  Be bold and ask for their dishes spicy if you can handle it. ;-)

  • Rebekah T.

Placentia, CA


We ordered karahi gosht (beef chunks in a spicy tomato/onion sauce with green peppers), chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, and garlic naan - all as carryout.  My favorite was the karahi gosht and garlic naan.  The meat is so tender is melts in your mouth and the rice is perfectly cooked.

The order took a while (over 20 minutes) but that is only because they make everything when you order it and do not make large quantities of food days ahead of time.  I would suggest you call in your order and then go pick it up if you don't want to wait while they make it fresh.

Great place for large groups and this family owned place is friendly and non-intimidating for a little white girl like me.


  • Wakas W.

La Jolla, CA


So far the only place I get the best pakistani food from san diego to orange county. I've tried most of the items on the menu and love the great taste.
I usually dont have desserts after food, however cant resist their ras malai.


Best in California

Ask any true Indian this is the Best damm indian food in all of california, heck its the best indian food west of Chicago. I have travled the world and I as a conasuer of food and as a retrired chef this is the best damm place in the state of california. I have been to Shanawaz, Shaan, Akbar, Taste of India, clay oven, and I tell you these guys beat the pants of all these places when it comes to taste.

Shahenshah- CitySearch

DAMM GOOD Pakistani/Indian food

I'm no expert on South Asian food but it's good to me. My favorite item is their Chicken Tikka Masala (you usually can't go wrong with this dish but I've been proved wrong) and their qurma is good as well. Aaloo palak is also a must. And you can't go wrong with the Garlic Naan, roti or paratha. Food might be a lil oily for some but that's what the tandoori bread is for and start dipping. If you're going to get their Samosa I would go Veggie.


Best Biryani in LA area..

Hey, for all those biryani fans, their yellow rice chicken/lamb biryanis are the best.. And for curries, their chicken jalfrazi is owesome!!

  • Pros: Great food, Fair price


I so love biryanis and they just serve on of the finest and best biryanis here. I always come out so full everytime I visit this place. They have good and friendly staff.

Abraham Espinoza-CitySearch